New push to guilt you into getting vaccinated

Roll up your sleeve... or grandma gets it!

Extortion? You bet it is -- but nothing's off-limits when it comes to flu shots. Not even threatening your loved ones.

In this case, the threat comes from a medical ethicist, NYU's Arthur Caplan, Ph.D. He claims that even if you don't care about getting the flu yourself, you need to get the flu shot to protect everyone around you -- especially so-called vulnerable people, like old folks and babies.

Like the not-so-subtle threat in here? If you don't get a flu shot, it'll be YOUR fault if they get sick -- and YOUR fault if they die.

But don't rush out for a guilt-induced vaccination just yet.

A 2010 look at data on more than four decades' of vaccine studies, found "no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission."

The emphasis is mine. But let me emphasize it some more: There is no evidence flu shots have any impact at all on the transmission of flu -- so whether you get the shot or not has nothing to do with what happens to everyone else around you.

In other words, if grandma does happen to get sick, your conscience is clear.

But why should anyone be surprised?

The shot barely helps prevent flu even in the people who do get it. Arthur Caplan, Ph.D. admits this year's shot is only 62 percent effective -- and that's almost certainly a wildly optimistic number.

So forget the shot. If you want to protect yourself AND grandma, you can do it without submitting yourself to a needle loaded with viruses, preservatives, and toxic heavy metals.

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