Flu vow should be an empty promise

Pledge allegiance...to the CDC?

Sounds crazy, but it's true: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants you to take an actual pledge to get a flu shot -- and the promises don't end with a vow to get yourself vaccinated.

The agency also wants you to nag all your friends and family to make sure they get injected, too. Heck, with all the CDC hype it's beginning to sound like they'd be pleased if you physically drag them to the doctor's office to make sure they follow through.

That just begs the question...if the flu shot was so darned good, why do they have to cajole and coerce people into getting it?

Answer: Because the shot isn't all it's cracked up to be, and most people know it -- including the hacks at the CDC, who are now resorting to this stupid pledge to get people vaccinated.

Fact is, studies have shown time and time again that flu shots don't prevent flu, limit the spread of the disease, or even reduce the risk of complications. The shot isn't even as safe as advertised -- and you don't have to take my word for it.

Next time your doc offers you the shot, ask to see the label. Odds are, you'll be the first patient to do so in a very long time. Maybe even the first of his career. He'll start to get uncomfortable. And if you REALLY want to make him squirm, start reading it out loud.

You'll find dire warnings -- some aimed at the very people urged to get flu shots most, like pregnant women. And if you think reading that within earshot of his other patients will make your doc sweat, wait ‘til you get to the list of ingredients, which includes junk like mercury and formaldehyde.

But you don't need to inject all that into your body to protect yourself from flu. All you really need is good hygiene and a strong immune system -- and if you want to learn more, subscribe to my Douglass Report newsletter and read the January 2011 issue in my online archives.

I'm not done with flu nonsense yet. Keep reading for the latest outrage.