How going low-carb can keep you young

New year, new diet -- same old story.

You know the deal by now. Most people who make New Year's resolutions are lying to themselves, especially when they involve dieting. This time next year, they're not going to be any thinner, and they're certainly not going to be any healthier -- just another year older, and maybe even fatter, too.

Well, they can fail and fail again. But I want you to succeed -- and I want you to succeed with the one diet that can not only help you to lose weight and keep diabetes and heart disease at bay, but can also make you YOUNGER, too.

I know. Sounds like more of a miracle than a diet -- but it's true, and it can happen to you when you turn to a diet low in carbohydrates.

The secret is a compound called beta-hydroxybutyrate, which your cells use for energy when you exercise. But you can get it without spilling a drop of sweat, because this stuff also turns up when you go on a low-carb diet.

It's like getting a workout on the inside -- one that's all gain, no pain -- because a new study shows how that same beta-hydroxybutyrate can actually BLOCK the enzymes responsible for oxidative stress and the damaging free radicals that result.

That's the process that not only makes you look older, but feel older, too -- and leads to all the diseases that come along with aging. But according to the new study, you may be able to put that process in reverse.

And all you need to do is give up the carbs you know you shouldn't be eating anyway and turn to the "forbidden foods" you REALLY want... but have been told to avoid.

Miss steak? Fire up the grill! Love bacon? Who doesn't -- and now you can eat it guilt-free. Dark meats, organ meats, pork chops -- enjoy them all, and feel yourself getting younger with every bite.

This time next year, you won't be stressing over another promise you know you can't keep.

You'll be celebrating the one you did.