Men who drink soda face deadlier prostate cancers

If you drink soda, you pretty much have a death wish to begin with -- and it's a wish that can come true in so many ways thanks to the sweeteners, chemicals, and actual poisons found in each can, bottle, and plastic cup.

And now, new research adds yet another way soda can grant that (death) wish: prostate cancer.

I'm not talking about harmless run-of-the mill prostate cancers here either, men. You already know those tumors don't even need to be screened, much less treated.

But every now and then, a tumor comes along that really can kill you -- and these deadly cancers love soda more than Honey Boo Boo loves her "go-go juice."

These cancers are thankfully rare. But they're less rare among men who drink soda -- much less rare, because the study finds that men who guzzle just 11 ounces a day are 40 percent more likely to get them.

That's not a lot of soda, men. That's less than a single can of cola a day -- and about a third of what you'll find in a "normal" Big Gulp (and let's not even talk about Double Gulp, Super Gulp and all the other bucket-sized Gulps out there).

If I had to pick an ingredient in soda responsible for tumors, I wouldn't have to think very long. It'd be the sugar. Whether it's common high-fructose corn syrup or old-fashioned cane sugar, cancers love the stuff.

But the other carbs that cause blood sugar to spike can also have an effect on tumors -- and in the new study, everything from breakfast cereals to potatoes increased the odds of prostate tumors by anywhere from a little less than a third to a little more.

Unlike the tumors fueled by soda, these were the harmless garden-variety prostate cancers. But you'd have to be on a sugar high to deliberately increase your risk of any of them.

Easy answer here is to follow my diet advice and bring the sugars down to near zero and reduce or eliminate the rest of the carbs.

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And if the cancer threat alone isn't enough to steer you away from sugars, keep reading.