Breast screenings lead to over-treatment

IF mammograms really saved lives, then each breast cancer detected and treated now would lead to one less death down the road, right?

Well, we're WAAAAAAAY down that road now, and the newest numbers don't lie: Decades of mammograms have more than doubled the rate of detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer -- but they've barely made a dent in the death rate.

You want evidence-based medicine? The evidence in the New England Journal of Medicine doesn't get any clearer than that!

Despite what the pink-ribbon mafia and their "early detection" chants would have you believe, mammograms barely increased the detection of the late-stage metastatic cancers that really can kill women, according to the study.

Instead, they pick up on the harmless tumors that would never need treatment.

But since doctors don't make money by NOT treating these cancers, they use fear of the "c" word to steer women into life-wrecking unnecessary treatments, including surgical butchery, poisonous drugs, and toxic radiation.

Of course, many of these women are so shell-shocked by all this that they don the pink ribbon and call themselves "cancer survivors." In reality, they're not survivors of disease -- they're victims of treatment.

And there are a lot of them.

According to the new study, mammograms have led to more than 1.3 million unnecessary treatments over the past three decades, with 70,000 more joining their ranks every year.

Think that's bad? That's nothing -- because along with leading to all those unnecessary treatments, mammograms may actually CAUSE the very disease they're supposed to detect.

Mammograms use radiation -- X-ray radiation, aimed right at the boob. Get screened every year or so, and you're pretty much asking for it. Then, the procedure squishes the breast so hard it could cause a once-harmless tumor to burst, spreading cancer cells in every direction.

Don't wait for yet another study to prove me right on this. Stand up to the pink ribbon mafia now. When it comes to mammograms, give the women in your life the courage to say NO. And if you're already struggling with a cancer diagnosis...and you're looking for gentle effective alternatives to the extreme surgeries and toxic drugs the mainstream continues to push...our friends and affiliates at Agora Health Books have the truth about how you can fight cancer and win--naturally. Click here to learn more.