Hormones force kids to grow up fast

Boys are going through puberty up to two years earlier, with their voices starting to crack at the age of 9 in some cases, according to new numbers in the journal Pediatrics.

That's only third or fourth grade, for crying out loud.

But on the other hand, maybe they're just keeping up with their classmates -- because girls are also going through puberty earlier than ever.

For the girls, puberty kicks in so much earlier these days because they're exposed to estrogen at every turn -- the hormone is in meat, milk, soy, packaged foods, canned drinks, toys, shower curtains, scented candles, and more.

There's even estrogen in the water!

Boys are getting estrogen from all those same sources, of course. In theory, that should delay puberty for them -- so researchers are stumped.

But I'm not.

In lakes and rivers around the country, male frogs and fish are spontaneously turning into females -- and it's because of all the estrogen in the water.

It's not happening in humans -- not literally, not yet -- but take a look around. Today's young “men” are weepy, wimpy girlie-men -- and most of them even have their own pair of manboobs.

So, sure, they're going through early puberty... FEMALE puberty! In a generation or two, they may even start menstruating (assuming they haven't already).

By the way, all that estrogen is obviously disastrous for kids. But it's not much better for older folks, and can increase the risk of everything from diabetes to cancer.

Don't wait for the government to act. Protect yourself and your family by swapping hormone-laced processed foods for an all-natural diet of fresh organic meats and dairy, and filtering your own water with reverse osmosis.