The real reason cancers spread

Chemo is supposed to kill cancer cells. That's what your doctor will tell you anyway. In reality, it kills EVERYTHING, even healthy cells, which is why chemo isn't a treatment.

It's a race against time to see what dies first: The cancer… or you.

Now, a new study shows why cancer often wins that race -- and it's because of the damage chemo does to healthy cells. In a series of lab experiments, researchers found that once-healthy cells called fibroblasts suffer severe DNA damage during chemo and release a protein called WNT 16B.

The name may not mean much to you. But it means everything to tumors -- because they can use it to grow and spread. And in the new study, the fibroblast cells damaged by chemo increased their output of WNT 16B by 3,000 percent.

No wonder chemo is so deadly!

That explains why 90 percent of "solid" cancers such as cancers of the lung, prostate, breast, and colon become resistant to chemo. It's not because they're too strong for the chemo -- it's because the chemo itself is creating the perfect conditions for them to survive and even thrive.

Of course, even the people behind the study in Nature Medicine were quick to defend chemo despite their own findings, claiming this discovery can eventually be used to help improve the deadly treatment.

They're clearly too afraid to rock the boat too much -- but I'm not.

Anyone who knows what chemo REALLY does to the body wouldn't even think about getting the treatment. Heck, three quarters of oncologists even admitted in a survey they'd never get chemo if they ever got cancer themselves.

Yet they're telling YOU that it's your only choice.

It's not just an outrage -- it's an outright lie, because you can beat cancer without chemo, and you can learn how to get all the details right here.