Popular diabetes drug in new link to bladder cancer

Here's what passes for "safer" these days: Bladder cancer.

Actos, the diabetes drug that's supposed to be the "safer" alterative to Avandia, has been linked to bladder cancer so many times I've lost count -- but whatever that number is, you can now add one more to it.

New research from McGill University in Montreal confirms that patients who take pioglitazone -- Actos -- have an 83 percent higher risk of the disease compared to those who've never taken the drug.

But hold on a moment -- because if you take the drug for more than two years, your risk can double. And if you're unlucky enough to have the highest cumulative dose of the drug, your risk shoots up even more.

How's that for safer?

The ironic part of this is that's even when compared to people who took the "dangerous" drug Avandia.

Say what you want about Avandia -- and there's plenty to say, starting with the increase in risk of stroke, heart attack, and death that got it banned -- but at least it wasn't giving anyone bladder cancer.

Actos, meanwhile, not only appears to be linked to that cancer, but plenty of studies have linked it to its own Avandia-style heart risk.

Should I point out again that this is the "safer" drug?

Listen, the writing's on the wall for Actos. I don't know if it'll get the full-on Avandia treatment and end up banned or restricted, but any doc who's still giving it out at this point is badly behind the times.

Don't look for what's next. It'll be just as bad, if not worse.

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