'Safe' levels of arsenic aren't so safe after all

Arsenic is bad for you???

Sounds like a no-brainer to me... but the no-brains at the Environmental Protection Agency think that since a little bit of poison won't kill you right away, it's OK to let people drink it.

So they set a "safe" limit of 10 parts per billion. That might sound small, but in reality there's nothing safe about it -- and the latest research on mice shows that even these supposedly low levels can damage moms and babies alike.

In a series of experiments, mouse mothers that drank arsenic-laced water made low-quality breast milk devoid of critical fats and other essential nutrients -- and as a result, their mice pups started off on the wrong paw.

They didn't develop properly -- and just to make sure it wasn't a case of a bunch of runts, the researchers then let the mice nurse from mothers that weren't exposed to arsenic.

And sure enough, once they got normal mouse milk, the pups began to develop normally.

They're mice, of course, not humans -- but c'mon... do we really need even more research to figure out that this time-honored poison is bad news for mice and people alike?

Here's my safe limit for arsenic: ZERO. Yet 25 million Americans drink water that exceeds even the EPA's ludicrously permissive arsenic levels.

On the other hand, arsenic is hardly the worst ingredient in your water. If you brought those levels down to zero, your tap water would still be a toxic stew of both legal and illegal drugs, hormones, chemical waste, rocket fuel, and more -- not to mention all the poisons put in the water intentionally, like chlorine and fluoride.

There's only one way to protect yourself and your family, and that's to install the only filtration system that gets rid of absolutely everything. It's called reverse osmosis, and these systems are cheaper than ever and easy to install.

Be sure you place it where the water enters your home, and not just in the kitchen, to ensure that every tap is protected.