Low-carb diet shown to control blood sugar in diabetics

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Researchers put two sets of diabetics on a diet -- one group goes low-carb and high-fat, while the other goes low-fat and high-carb.

Over six months, the lost a little weight... and that's it (and good luck trying to keep it off on that diet).

The low-carb dieters, on the other hand, not only lost the same amount of weight -- they also regained control of their blood sugar to the point where they were able to slash their need for insulin by 30 percent.

They even enjoyed a rise in levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol, not to mention a much better diet of delicious animal fats and proteins.

So what's the punchline? The low-fat dieters in this new study were put on roughly the same high-carb train wreck of a diet...55-60 percent carbs, 30 percent fat and 10-15 percent protein...that the American Diabetes Association is STILL recommending for diabetics!

I know, not very funny -- especially if you're one of the diabetics who's on that diet now and you find yourself sicker, weaker, and in need of MORE meds than ever because of it.

But would you really expect otherwise from the ADA? Take a look at their sponsors -- they're right here, on page 33.

It's a who's who of the drug industry -- with companies that make diabetes drugs kicking in millions of dollars a year. There's not a chance in the world they'd be this generous to an organization that was offering diabetics advice that would get them off their meds.

So since the ADA won't do it, allow me.

The new study, which you'll find in the journal Diabetologia, only ran for six months. But if you stick long-term to a low-carb diet as if it's your new religion (and if you're diabetic, you REALLY want to become one of the faithful on this one), you can slash your need for all your meds and eventually toss them in the trash.

And that's no joke.