A lifetime of damage from a single drug

If all you get from a 10-day course of antibiotics is a case of the runs, count your lucky stars -- because the side effects of these drugs can be worse than anyone ever thought.

Much worse.

You already know how antibiotics kill off nearly everything in your stomach -- all the bacteria, good and bad (except for the drug-resistant superbugs... but that's a topic for another day).

But here's something you probably don't know: After a single course of antibiotics, your gut flora is never the same again -- and you could end up suffering from a severe and permanent loss of the very bacteria you need most.

We're not talking extra tummyaches here. Believe it or not, these bacteria play a role in just about every function in your body. And when they go AWOL, you could be left crippled with multiple sclerosis, fighting off the demons of mental illness and depression, or even battling severe muscle disorders.

It's the same story for kids: Gut imbalances from antibiotic use can cause asthma, allergies, and even autism.

If you or someone you love is suffering from any of the conditions I mentioned earlier -- or even from a "mystery" disorder that doctors can't figure out -- you might really be battling a gut imbalance.

The good news is you can stop the guessing game right now. A naturopathic physician can run some tests and figure out what's missing from your gut -- and replace it the right way.