You'd have to be on the Merck payroll to believe the company's dangerous HPV vaccine is actually safe. And sure enough, the latest study to make that claim was funded by none other than Merck itself.

Surprise, surprise.

Ok, so let's play along for a minute. Let's say Gardasil IS safe... My question is, compared to what?

That's where things get tricky.

Because when you look closely, this "safety study" didn't look at some of the most common complaints linked to the shot.

Instead, their classification of "safe" came from the fact that Gardasil wasn't found to cause lupus, type 1 diabetes, or multiple sclerosis.

Big deal! Besides the fact that those side effects barely even crack the charts, there's one more glaring fault of this study. Some of these are autoimmune diseases that can take years to develop -- but the study only tracked girls for six months!

Forget this corporate spin, because the real numbers are already out there for everyone to see: Girls who've been given the Gardasil shot have reportedly suffered seizures, blindness, memory loss, and death.

And for what? For all those risks, you'd think this would at least be some kind of cancer-beating miracle -- but it's not. Gardasil only protects against SOME of the strains of HPV that can potentially cause cancer -- and even that miniscule protection may wear off.

The feds know all this. But instead of pulling the shot off the market for good, they've been caught red-handed TWICE trying to cover it up -- and now they want to force this shot on boys, too.

I don't care what your stance is on vaccines in general. This one's bad news. If you love your kids and grandkids, you'll keep them away from Gardasil -- no matter what the "latest" studies say.