If there's anything more tainted than a glass of water, it's store-bought milk.

The pasteurization process that's supposed to make milk "safe" robs it of all nutrition while doing zilch to break down all the drugs, hormones and other chemicals secretly (and illegally) given to dairy cows.

And believe me, those things are in your milk -- the only reason it's not common knowledge is that we don't actually test for most of them.

Researchers in Europe stepped in where governments have failed and ran their own tests on samples of goat, cow and even human breast milk -- and of the three, they found that "wholesome" moo juice was packed with the most drugs and hormones.

They found painkillers, antibiotics, steroids, sex hormones, anti-malaria meds and more, and wrote in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that up to 20 different contaminants can be floating around inside a single glass of milk.

Think that can't possibly be true here, in the good old U.S. of dAiry? Think again: The FDA tried to pull some very limited milk samples for extra tests earlier this year, and the dairy industry practically started a riot.

You've got to wonder what they're so afraid of.

Needless to say, no milk was tested -- and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

But I don't need a test result to know our milk is filthy. Just look at the facts: Dairy cows eventually become hamburger... and drugs banned from milk have been turning up in that dairy hamburger.

How'd they get in there? Give you one guess -- but since farmers know that milk isn't actually tested for those banned drugs, they're confident they can break a few rules along the way and no one will ever know.

But now you know.

If you love your milk, you don't have to give it up -- just make a permanent switch to farm-fresh organic raw milk. Search online or call a local dairy farm to find out how.