Why you don't need all that H2O

Drink, drink, drink -- drink buckets of water a day, or you'll dry up and blow away.

This mainstream advice is all wet, and I'm living proof: I haven't had a sip of water in decades, and I'm still here.

Now, a report in a leading medical journal says (of course) that I've been right all along. Dr. Margaret McCartney writes in BMJ that the push to get more people to drink more water is "thoroughly debunked nonsense."

What's more, Dr. McCartney adds that this thoroughly debunked nonsense is being pushed not by scientists... but by the bottled water industry. The official-sounding group "Hydration for Health," for example, is actually a front for Danone -- maker of the Evian line of waters.

Now there's a surprise.

Of course, the Great Water Myth was never about science anyway... because there is no real research that backs treating your belly like a water balloon.

Despite what you've heard, extra water won't make you smarter, thinner or younger-looking. It won't smooth wrinkles or boost skin elasticity. It won't chase away headaches, it won't make you healthier, it won't boost your energy, and it won't help you to beat a single disease.

Too much water, on the other hand, can leave you high and dry: Dr. McCartney points to studies that show how excess H2O can flush essential sodium right out of your body.

And, she says, every sip of water is another chance to expose yourself to all the drugs, chemicals, and other pollutants hidden in your faucet.

Spoken like a true Douglass Report believer!

As I've warned you before, your tap is overflowing with everything from antibiotics and sex-change hormones to rocket fuel and chemical waste -- and the same government that's telling you to drink glass after glass of it is actually putting most of that junk in there.

Isn't that curious?

I'm not a big believer in coincidences, so I did my own investigation into water -- and what I learned will shock you as much as it shocked me. You'll find my full report in the September 2009 issue of my newsletter -- and if you're not a subscriber, sign up now... if you dare.

Water isn't the only "wholesome" drink on my hit list. Keep reading!