We have the power to eradicate malaria starting tomorrow -- saving millions of lives around the world.

But instead of using that power to wipe out the mosquitos that transmit the disease, we're wasting precious time on the least effective possible approach: vaccines.

There hasn't been anything close to an effective malaria vaccine yet -- and while researchers claim they're finally on the verge of a breakthrough, one look at their own numbers shows they're not even close.

In limited studies, the experimental vaccine being lauded in the media has proven to be effective at reducing the disease by just 56 percent -- a number that falls to 47 percent if you count only the most serious and potentially deadly cases.

What's more, the results in the New England Journal of Medicine are only from early tests.

It'll be at least three more years before we see results from a bigger study... and in that time, roughly 3 million people -- most of them African children -- will literally die waiting.

It's a crime, because we don't have to wait -- we don't have to wait three years, three months or three weeks to take action on malaria. We can take action right now -- and all we have to do is bring back the widespread use of the pesticide DDT.

I'm sure you've heard all kinds of horror stories about this stuff -- but those stories are complete fabrications cooked up by radical environmentalists. In reality, DDT is just about the safest and most effective bug-killer ever invented.

It's so safe, a human can drink it -- and my colleague Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor has done so on film to prove it. (Read the story here.) And it's so effective that malaria was practically wiped off the planet decades ago, when DDT was the pesticide of choice.

Stop the waiting game -- and start spraying.