France's sugar tax: How sweet it isn't

Talk about déjà vu all over again!

Just a week after Denmark unveiled its infamous "fat tax," France is announcing a "sin" tax of its own: a dime-a-liter surcharge on sugar-sweetened sodas.

Now, I'm never going to defend sugar -- it's the single largest dietary contributor to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and an early death in all of Western civilization.

But I'll always defend your God-given RIGHT to make your own decisions about your diet, your health, and your lifestyle -- a right governments around the world want to snatch right out of your hands.

Case in point: France, where the soda tax is only the beginning.

In an even bigger Nanny State overreach, condiments like ketchup, mayo, salt, and dressings are being rationed and even removed from school cafeterias -- while yet another new rule requires raw or cooked vegetables at every single school meal.

Put them together, and a kid who wants to turn something gross like haricots verts into a semi-edible side dish will have to smuggle in his own butter and salt.

You get better treatment in prison!

France's Nanny Staters say these restrictions are "for everyone's own good" -- and that they're about making the people thinner and healthier. Baloney.

The French drink, smoke, and load up on fatty meats -- and yet they're actually among the thinnest and healthiest people in Europe. It's the so-called "French paradox," but there's nothing paradoxical about it: All those things are actually GOOD for you, just as I've said all along.

But leave it to the government to screw it up. And mark my words here, they WILL screw it up. The more they regulate what people can and can't eat, the fatter and sicker the people will get.

After all, some of the world's "top" scientists and nutritionists get it wrong on diet advice all the time -- so what are the odds that some gasbag politician will manage to get it right?

I can give you those odds right here -- and it's spelled the same in French AND English: ZERO.

Think the Nanny State can't happen here in the USSA? Think again!