Freedom's just another word for nothing left to eat

One of the last freedoms you have left is the freedom to choose what's on your dinner plate tonight -- but get ready to stick a fork in that one.

The Food Police have taken over in Denmark -- and we could be next.

This week, Denmark is taking the Nanny State to the next level with an onerous new tax on the fresh and natural foods your body needs. Under this so-called "fat tax," anyone who wants foods with saturated fats will have to pay through the teeth for the privilege.

Farm-fresh butter? TAXED!

Cheese? TAXED!

Meat? TAXED!

Pretty soon, shoppers will be forced to load up on lower-priced substitutes made of factory-processed soy byproducts and a lab full of dangerous chemicals—all in the name of good health, of course.

This sin tax is meant to help slash the risk of an early death. Puh-lease. Studies have shown time and again that people who eat healthful natural animal fats and skip the sugars and other refined carbohydrates have a much LOWER risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even early death.

If that's what passes for sin, then being bad never felt so good.

Denmark isn't the only one leveling the sin tax. Hungary has imposed a tax on foods with high levels of sugar, salt, carbs, and caffeine. Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria have banned trans fats. And Finland, Romania, and Britain are all considering fat taxes as well.

But I think everyone is missing the point here. Forget for a minute that the government has picked the wrong bad guy (sugar and carbs would have been a much more appropriate target), the bottom line is that no government has any right to legislate your food choices. Period.

Hold on to your rights, America, or you'll be next. If Uncle Sam is going to be footing the bill for your healthcare, He certainly thinks he has the right to determine how you eat (and sleep and drink and exercise and you-name-it).

Consider this your wake-up call. And go eat some butter—before it's too late.