All the men recovering from prostate surgery have helped turn adult diapers into one of the hottest sellers in the warehouse club.

Now, a new study finds that these men don't just leak urine at all the wrong times -- they also leak at the worst possible time: during sex.

Researchers say their study of 1,459 men who had their prostates surgically butchered at NYU's Langone Medical Center found that 1 in 8 battled incontinence during intercourse.

It's a side effect so newly discovered that it didn't even have a name until recently. Now, they're calling it climacturia -- which sounds more like a fetish than a side effect to me.

In any case, the researchers wrote in The Journal of Urology that climacturia isn't a temporary thing for many of the men who battle it: 36 percent were still fighting the condition two years later.

It's a testament to spousal fortitude that they were even trying at that point -- but really, they should try to look at the bright side here: Plenty of men battle incontinence AND impotence after prostate surgery.

The fact that surgery didn't kill their erections along with their bladder control is a minor miracle.

But the sad truth is, these men didn't have to battle incontinence or impotence in the first place -- because they never even needed the surgery that can cause those side effects.

Prostate cancer simply isn't the mankiller it's been made out to be. Most men can have it, never know it, and live a long (and sexually normal) life before eventually dying of something else.

That's why you're better off not getting screened in the first place: What you don't know not only won't hurt you -- it could save your sex life, too.