New med fails at constipation relief

Pretty much everything you've heard about constipation is a big load of you-know-what.

The idea that you need assembly-line regularity to stay healthy is a myth created to sell you fiber supplements, yogurt, and laxatives. And if you think the BS is flying now, wait ‘til you see what they're working on next.

It's a drug, of course, and it's so new it doesn't have a TV-friendly name yet. It's just called linoclotide, for now. When you see the two studies being used to push its approval, you'll have to wonder if the researchers behind it had their heads in a toilet.

The thing didn't even work most of the time!

In fact, in the BEST-case-scenarios in the studies, nearly 80 percent of the patients who took it got no relief at all while 5 percent got so much relief -- in the form of diarrhea -- that they had to stop taking the med.

All told, the researchers admit you'd have to treat up to 10 poopless patients to see a single constipation "success" story. But since the drug beat the placebo, the two companies behind it are banking on an FDA approval.


There are much easier ways to keep your bowels moving, starting with the easiest of all: Nothing.

In most cases, constipation will ease itself in time.

In other cases, it's only a problem if it hurts. The mainstream says anyone who goes three times a week or less is constipated -- but if there's no pain or discomfort, who cares?

The only time it's an issue is when you go a week without "going," in which case you may be dealing with an obstruction, not constipation. If that's your story, get yourself to an ER where some brave soul can uncork you.

And if you're just looking for smoother movements -- or fighting pain and strain when you go -- don't turn to fiber, laxatives, or yogurts.

Turn to the August 2005 issue of my Douglass Report newsletter, where I had the full scoop on constipation -- including a cure your own doc would never dare mention, as well as the simple ingredients in your home that can keep your system moving smooth.

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