Pre-diabetes is like an SOS signal from your pancreas -- a final cry before the whole ship sinks in a sea of sugar.

Now, a new study finds that vitamin D might keep that ship afloat just a little longer: Researchers say the sunshine vitamin can help the organ's beta cells keep up with the surging demand for insulin that marks pre-diabetes.

For a little while, anyway -- more on that later.

First, some details: The researchers gave 92 pre-diabetics either vitamin D3, calcium, both, or a placebo for four months and found that the D3 boosted beta cell function in the pancreas.

The results in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition add up to an improvement of between 15 and 30 percent... or just enough to maybe keep diabetes at bay a little bit longer.

So sure, this stuff is good for you and your pancreas -- and you won't find a bigger backer of D than me. But if you're a cake-eating pre-diabetic and you're thinking this stuff can help you avoid the disease, think again.

This stuff is good -- real good -- but it ain't that good!

Here's a reality check: If you're committed to the same lifestyle that brought your pancreas to the brink of extinction in the first place, you don't need vitamin D -- you need a miracle.

Any plan to prevent or beat diabetes has to begin with your diet -- and if you can't (or won't) kick the sugar habit and bring your carbs down to near zero, you don't stand a chance in the long run.

Sorry, those are just facts -- and if you can't accept them, don't even waste your time with supplements.