Study: Lifelong tobacco habit cuts surgery risk

I always get a kick out of Big Media's tobacco coverage -- they just hate reporting on good news for smokers.

Take the latest story on how tobacco can actually protect your joints and lower your risk of a total joint replacement surgery in your senior years.

What's that? You didn't see it? Of course you didn't -- it was barely mentioned, and even when it was, the news reports were filled with all the usual hems and haws: "You shouldn't smoke, but if you do smoke -- and you don't die of cancer or some other horrible disease -- you might have a lower risk of a total joint replacement. Please forgive us for even mentioning this."

Give me a break already!

Here's how to really tell the story: Smokers, rejoice! In addition to all the scientifically proven benefits of tobacco, a new study finds that a steady lifelong habit can protect your joints when you need them most.

Watch as your non-smoking neighbors complain of constant joint pain... visit them in the hospital as they recover from a total joint replacement surgery... but don't make plans for your own procedure, because this is one risk you won't have to face.

Researchers looked at data on 11,388 senior Australian men who were tracked for roughly a decade, and found that the heaviest smokers -- those who had been puffing away for 48 years or more -- were up to 51 percent less likely to need a total joint replacement than men who had never smoked.

Naturally, the first reaction was to try to deny that the benefits came from the smoking and give credit to something else.

Was it because smokers might not live as long, and therefore are less likely to reach an age where they'll need a joint replacement?


Was it because smokers have a lower risk of obesity?


Was it because smokers are less likely to wreck their joints with vigorous exercise?


Researchers adjusted for these and other factors -- and came to the inescapable conclusion that the nicotine itself protects the joints.

Since other studies have shown the nicotine exposure can stimulate joint cartilage and protect it from osteoarthritis, I'd say they finally hit the bullseye... even if they weren't aiming for it.

Tobacco won't just protect your joints -- it can save your brain, lower your risk of Parkinson's and even PREVENT some cancers.

Not what you heard? Of course it isn't. Learn the truth here.