FINALLY the rest of the world is catching up on the alarm I sounded years ago: Sperm rates are rapidly dropping, and it spells bad news for men who hope to have children.

A new study out of Europe finds that sperm are practically an endangered species: Forty percent of men in the once-fertile 18-25 age group now have sperm counts so low that having a baby won't come easy.

And half of them -- or a fifth of all young men in Europe -- won't be able to have a baby without the help of a lab worker.

The researchers aren't sure what to blame for the incredible shrinking sperm counts -- so naturally, they pulled out their favorite boogeyman: Smoking.

But hold on... haven't smoking rates gone down, even in the cafe culture of tobacco-loving Europe? Yup... sure have... but hey, never let the facts stand in the way of a good boogeyman -- right, guys?

The researchers also blamed obesity, which is a factor -- but it's not even close to the biggest one.

No, the real problem is the chemical feminization of boys and men around the world, because sperm counts aren't just shrinking in Europe -- they're plummeting everywhere.

The BPA and phthalates in plastics and soy in food all mimic estrogen in the body -- and studies have shown that all three can contribute to lower sperm counts and quality.

Think it stops there? I wish it did!

Dangerous drugs and chemicals are also turning up in the water supply -- including still MORE hormones, and they're even causing fish to spontaneously switch genders right here in U.S. streams and rivers.

Some of these meds are the same gender-bending drugs given to men undergoing sex-change operations, and I have a hard time believing that they're in our water by accident.

The only other answer, then, is that someone is putting them there... and before you dismiss that as a conspiracy theory, just think about this: They're already putting dangerous chemicals like fluoride and chlorine in the water and TELLING you about it.

Just imagine what they're not telling you.