Sometimes, mainstream doctors manage to get it just right -- and when they do, they can expect to be ripped for it in the medical journals.

Researchers are screaming and howling over finasteride, a dangerous prostate med sold under the name Proscar.

But they're not angry over the risks and lies that surround this med... they're enraged because they think doctors aren't prescribing it often enough.

I was ready to celebrate the new survey in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, because it found that 64 percent of urologists and 80 percent of primary care physicians never prescribed finasteride to prevent prostate cancer.

Good for them, right? I guess so... but let's not be too quick to give them credit, because just about half of those who didn't prescribe it said they didn't even know the drug could be used for prostate cancer prevention.

Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. I just hope this study doesn't inspire them to start giving this med out -- because it's bad news from start to finish.

In fact, the other half -- actually 55 percent -- said they didn't prescribe finasteride because they fear it could actually increase the risk of aggressive prostate tumors.

Researchers claim the drug actually makes those tumors easier to spot -- but really, why risk it at all when prostate cancer is such an overblown, overdiagnosed and overtreated condition in the first place?

After all, this med comes with some of the ugliest side effects a man could face: A loss of sex drive, testicular pain, breast growth and even nipple discharge.

In other words, it could turn you into a limping, leaking shemale!

So if impotence, pain in your sac and milky nipples are your thing, go right ahead and take Proscar... but if you want some real protection, follow my two-step plan for prostate health:

Step 1: Take saw palmetto.
Step 2: Skip prostate screenings.

Oh, and if you're losing your hair, don't ask your doctor about Propecia. Same drug, only the dose -- and the name -- have changed.