Organic food doesn't just cost more... it makes people stupid, too.

A new study shows how common sense flies right out the window once the "O" word is thrown around. In fact, some people believe that one little word has the power to turn ordinary junk food into healthy food.

I admit, that would be worth paying extra for... but like a politician's promise to lower taxes, it just isn't true.

Researchers at Cornell University offered cookies to student volunteers. Some got plain cookies, some got organic -- and they all got quizzed afterwards.

As they munched on the cookies, some of these self- righteous Ithaca hippies boasted to the researchers about how carefully they read food labels, how they always buy organic goods, blah blah blah.

But just how dumb are these hippies? Glad you asked -- because the answer is right here in the study, presented at a recent Experimental Biology conference.

These so-called careful organic shoppers went on and on and on about just how much better those organic cookies were versus the non-organic ones. They believed their special cookies had 40 percent fewer calories than the non-organic ones. They also said these cookies looked better, tasted better and had more fiber.

Maybe they thought these cookies could make them fly.

But the joke's on them and their tofu-powered scooters, because it was the same darned cookie!

Listen, I'm all for organic grass-fed meats and pesticide- free veggies... but there's been a mad rush to slap an "organic" label on everything in sight, from cookies to clothing, and in most cases you're just paying for that label.

That word has been slapped onto everything... so now it means nothing.

Don't believe me? Look closely at some of those labels... you'll find frozen "organic" food from China and organic junk food like those cookies clogging up supermarket aisles.

Meanwhile, genuine organic U.S. farmers can't use that same label... because they can't afford the certification process.

It's a joke, and once again the only ones laughing are the millionaires filling their bank accounts as you keep buying their "organic" cookies.