There is nothing worse for you than being fat.

I can't put it any plainer than that, yet there's still a lunatic fringe of touchy-feely fools out there telling people to love their bodies no matter the shape. And the worst part of all is that they're doing it under the guise of being healthy.

The latest, Michelle Allison, who calls herself "the Fat Nutritionist," managed to get the go-ahead from an editor at the once-respected magazine Newsweek to spout her porky nonsense on their website.

She writes that "self-acceptance, whatever your size, is good for you" and gushes about how much she loves her tubby body.

I've got news for you, fatso: That body ain't loving you back. It's killing you, plain and simple. If you know that and still fill yourself with garbage, then you're suicidal. And if you spread this deranged line of thinking to others, then you're homicidal, too.

If there's one part of the article where I felt some real sympathy for her, it's when she described her attempts to lose weight. She talks of the misery of counting calories and the pain of exercise.

That sounds like torture to me, too. One of the greatest lies of this Age of Obesity is that the road to health is through pointless exercise and needless dieting. You don't need to run marathons or count calories – just skip all the unhealthy carbs and processed food, and your body will take care of itself for you.

Instead, the "fat nutritionist" turned back to donuts. She even boasts of eating them while working in a diabetes clinic. In her twisted mind, the image of a young, overweight girl munching away on donuts is somehow comforting to the people now dealing with the ravages of that lifestyle.

Give me a break!

She should take a good look around the clinic – because if she keeps this up, in 10 or 20 years, she won't be there as an employee – she'll be there as a patient.

But I guess that's one more lesson they don't offer at her school. By the way, she's still in school – the title "nutritionist" is every bit as deceitful as the size-acceptance nonsense she spouts, since she has no degree.

Just take a look at her blog, if you can stomach it: "Only in certain, limited contexts does WHAT a person eats play a direct role in their health," she writes (emphasis hers).

What sort of nonsense do they teach in schools these days?

What you eat is the single biggest factor in your overall health, and anyone who disputes that is missing fat in the one part of your body that needs it most: the brain.

So trust the "Fat Nutritionist" about as much as you'd trust the "Drunken Doctor" or the "Sloppy Surgeon."

They're all bad medicine.