Processed sugar is one of the worst things you could possibly put into your body. Those innocent and tasty little white grains not only weaken your immune system, but they fuel cancer cells and jack up your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and all manner of other health problems.

That's why the American Heart Association recently released some guidelines for sugar consumption. According to the AHA, women should have no more than 100 calories of sugar each day; men are allowed only slightly more – 150 calories per day.

You'd be surprised at how quickly those numbers can add up.

Along with those guidelines, the AHA released a list of foods that they consider "surprisingly high" in sugar. It's a long list that includes ketchup, fortune cookies, flavored alcohols, baked beans, barbeque sauce, lemonade, flavored popcorn, and granola bars.

Just one 12-ounce can of non-diet soda has about 130 calories that come solely from sugar. And think about how much sugar people dump into their morning coffees.

Salad dressings are deceptive, too. Everyone gets the idea that a salad is always a healthy option, but drenching it with reduced-fat salad dressing can be like sprinkling your greens with chocolate. Just one cup of reduced-calorie French dressing contains a whopping 58 grams of sugar.

With the list of sugar's negative health effects piling up, it's time to think twice about what you're funneling down your throat.

Remember, sugar can lead to increased risk of breast and colon cancers, diabetes, kidney damage, depression, hypertension, moodiness, migraines, and more.

And the excess pounds that sugar causes you to pack on have their own dangers.