There are certain diseases that everyone knows go hand-in-hand with obesity: diabetes, cancer, and heart disease come to mind. But here's a new one to add to the list:

Obesity can contribute to Alzheimer's and other cognitive disorders.

Researchers at UCLA studied the brain images of 94 people in their 70s over five years. They found that clinically obese people had 8 percent less brain tissue, and overweight people had 4 percent less brain tissue. Apparently their brains even looked 16 years older than those of normal-weight people.

The researchers noted that most of the loss tissue came from the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain – the area responsible for decision-making and memory.

With nearly one third of American adults tipping the obese scale, it's no wonder so many diseases like these are on the rise.

Now if that's not a good reason to cut down on the sugar, I don't know what is