I'm not the biggest fan of the incandescent light bulbs. But I'm also not a fan of the U.S. government's plan to replace them all by the year 2012 in favor of the new, energy- saving compact fluorescent bulbs (I've already told you about the potential dangers of these in an earlier Daily Dose).

Well it turns out that the European Union is also phasing out incandescent bulbs (for the same idiotic reason we are: to reduce greenhouse gases). But there's one hitch: it turns out the new low-energy bulbs are incompatible with millions of light sockets and lamps because of their size.


As a result, British consumers are in a panic to buy up as many of the old 100 watt incandescent bulbs as possible before the EU bans them outright. According to one British sales assistant, "We've not seen anything like it; people are taking hundreds at a time and we've run out of stock."

If I didn't know that this is just a preview of what's going to happen here in the States when our own incandescent ban kicks in, I'd find it a lot more humorous. I think the consumer scramble to stockpile as many of the old bulbs as they can is a telling indictment of how little global warming concerns most people.