We're barely into the new year of 2009 and already there's been a deadly salmonella outbreak, this one linked to tainted peanut butter. Eight people have died and hundreds of others have been made sick from this latest outbreak. And the numbers are increasing everyday.

Salmonella is usually associated with raw eggs and chicken (in the case of the eggs, this association is completely wrong). And I'll remind you that this deadly bacteria is also one of the bugaboos that Big Dairy uses in its crusade against raw milk.

But once again, the "usual suspects" are nowhere to be found - the culprit is peanut butter made by Peanut Corp.'s peanut processing facility in Georgia.The worst part of this little story is that it could easily have been prevented if the FDA had done its job.

Back in April, the Canadians turned away a shipment of these peanuts at the border because it contained a "filthy, putrid or decomposed substance." That would be a red flag to me. But the FDA did nothing. And now people all over the States are paying for their ineptitude. When will it end?

This is the second salmonella scare associated with peanut butter in less than two years. You might remember that the mega-food company ConAgra had to recall vast amounts of its nationally distributed Peter Pan brand of peanut butter when a tainted batch sickened as many as 625 people in 47 states.

In spite of what the FDA wants you to think, it's statistically safer to guzzle raw milk and down raw eggs than to eat a peanut butter sandwich. Just sayin'.