I write to you about a lot of medical studies. Some are big studies with major findings. Some are small studies that reveal big insights. And sometimes, I just sit back and I wonder why in the world any legitimate medical institution wasted their time and the money of some donor to study something so silly. And that's exactly how I feel about this latest so-called "study."

I hope you're sitting down, 'cause here's the big news: new research from the Cardiff University Common Cold Center has found that (drum roll, please …) - a hot drink may help reduce the symptoms of common colds and flu!

TA-DA!!! Did you feel the earth shake? I'm sure I did. Or was that just a big snore?

Of course, anyone with a head cold whose been bent over a steaming bowl of chicken soup, or had their snout stuck into a nice, hot cup of tea knows the sinus-clearing, short- term relief it provides. I hardly think this "issue" needed further research.

Unlike the researchers in Cardiff, I refuse to spend a single second longer discussing the "conclusions" of this imbecilic waste of a "study."