Carcino-genocide on trial

The scales of justice skewed - toward justice!

Every once in a while, the court system surprises me. Normally, it's as predictable in its misguided fool-headedness as night following daytime. But just as occasional eclipses upset the predictable balance of night and day, so too does the occasional lapse of modern jurisprudence result in the odd correct decision being handed down in our courts

And such is the case (no wordplay intended) in a recent legal proceeding in Virginia.

According to a recent Associated Press article, a Circuit Court judge in the Old Dominion State has stayed a lower court's decision forcing a 16-year-old boy to undergo chemotherapy for the relapsing Hodgkins Lymphoma that plagues him. The ruling allows the young man to postpone the treatment pending a new trial to decide what the state's lawful jurisdiction is in the child's medical affairs.

Avoiding the pain, nausea, wasting and weakness this useless "therapy" causes was the boy's goal in refusing the treatment. An initial course of chemotherapy (I call it carcino-genocide) last year left him less afraid of the disease than its cure

But leave it to the meddlesome nanny state to interfere with people's health choices (they always do, don't they?). Under the umbrella of child welfare, a social worker petitioned a juvenile court judge to force the teenager to continue conventional chemotherapy when his condition flared up. Apparently, the Virginia Department of Social Services also seized partial custody of the boy under a charge of parental neglect - because they wouldn't force the lad into enduring a treatment he hates, and that isn't even proven to help! This latest court ruling has ended that travesty as well.

The AP piece quotes the boy's parents as claiming to be terrified that the authorities would take their child away for good if they didn't convince him to undergo a second course of chemotherapy. Clearly, both parents and child are united in their desire to spare him from the ravages of the treatment

And now, they're the beneficiaries of a rare moment of justice in the court system that will allow their case to be heard before their hands are forced by the iron fist of Big Brother (or is it Big Pharma?). Until that day, the boy is attempting several alternative, nutrition-based natural cancer treatments.

Yes, a new trial in a higher court will soon decide the boy's fate, or at least his treatment (they could be one and the same, if chemotherapy wins the day). Don't know about you, but I'm rooting for a triumph of medical freedom over nanny-state Gestapo tactics. And justice just might prevail here, especially if THIS little tidbit about the "therapy" will be cited by the family's defense lawyer
It has been a while since I cited this incredibly telling factoid about chemotherapy (I first wrote about it back in 2001), but the developing story I relayed above presents the perfect opportunity. If you haven't been with me that long, this'll be new and shocking to you

According to an anonymous, confidential survey at Canada's McGill Center - one of the most prestigious mainstream cancer treatment centers in the world - 58 out of 64 oncologists claimed that they would NOT undergo chemotherapy themselves if suddenly faced with a cancer diagnosis of their own. Nor would they allow any of their family members too, either!

That's right - a full 90.6% of the expert cancer specialists at a world-renowned cancer treatment center wouldn't have anything to do with chemotherapy, even if their lives depended on it. But they have no problem prescribing it to folks like you, evidently.

Their reasons for balking at the treatment: It's INEFFECTIVENESS and TOXICITY.

Hmmm. Chemotherapy doesn't work, and it's hazardous enough to hasten death. No wonder the mainstream and the government are forcing it down our throats

Those are the same two qualifications they use to approve every other drug and treatment.

Busting injustice - but trusting in justice,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD