Corruption is the REAL medical epidemic

Corruption has become so endemic and intellectual integrity so compromised in pharmaceutical research that drug companies and their collaborators in government (and universities) can now get away with open fraud.

The Journal of the American Medical Association researched the connection between authors of clinical guidelines and the pharmaceutical industry. Over HALF received financial support from the pharmaceutical industry to conduct research. And 38 percent served as employees or consultants for a pharmaceutical company. Hmm so how do you suppose they rated the drug?

And these are only the ones who were caught. I wonder how many of the aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters (to say nothing of the in-laws and mistresses) are involved? It's impossible to know.

This represents a MASSIVE CON, a criminal fraud perpetrated on the American public, engineered behind closed doors by the fake food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Both have so much money to spread around Washington that they practically OWN Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health. To HELL with the public health and welfare their goal is to get everyone hooked on prescription drugs and manufactured, plastic food. And the medical profession is falling for it, allowing itself to be manipulated into acting as an accessory to this crime. It's terrible.

The original milk mustache

The research on natural versus formula, or what I prefer to call "fake milk," is overwhelmingly in favor of natural, human breast milk for babies.

There are dozens of reasons why it is essential for a baby to get mother's milk for the first year of life and now a new advantage has been added to that list-prevention of obesity.

According to a British Medical Journal study of over 9,000 children, researchers noted that 4.5 percent of those who were not breast-fed were substantially overweight by the time they started school. But less than 1 percent of babies who WERE breast-fed throughout the first year of life suffered from this problem. That's a huge difference! (Breastfeeding for shorter periods also seemed to have a beneficial effect, but not as dramatic).

I don't know about the veracity of the story, but it has been reported that John D. Rockefeller had human breast milk delivered to his apartment daily But I wonder: Was it in the receptacles God originally stored it?

There's no need to get quite as dramatic as Rockefeller. Once you've passed your suckling years, the next best thing to drink isn't water (especially not from the tap)-it's raw, certified cow's milk. Certified means the milk has been tested by competent authorities for cleanliness. Check your local health food store to see if they carry it or can recommend a source.