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  1. The weight loss “miracle” that could KILL you

    The mainstream media wants you to believe there’s a magic bullet for weight loss.  

    The headlines read like snake oil salesman ads:  

    “Lowers diabetics’ heart attack danger” 

    “Linked to safer childbirth for mother” 

    “Reduces stroke by 40%” 

    “As good as medication for diabetics” 

    It all sounds great… until you realize they’re talking about bariatric surgery.  

    You know, where they slice you open and shrink your stomach down to the size of an egg.  

    And this surgery is not safe and it’s not a cure-all… in fact, it could KILL you.  

    In 2017, over 200,000 people underwent some form of weight-loss surgery. At up to $25,000 a pop, that makes obesity surgery a MULTI BILLION-dollar business. 

    And, trust me, these guys are only in it for the money.  

    The mainstream media and surgeons BLATANTLY IGNORE studies that prove the dangers of bariatric surgery far outweigh the benefits. 

    Obesity Surgery, a journal dedicated ENTIRELY to bariatric surgery, has printed multiple articles highlighting very real dangers including: 

    • Deficiencies of calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid, and more 
    • DOUBLE the risk of bone fracture 
    • Too much weight loss 
    • Memory loss, weakness, and fatigue 
    • Follow-up surgeries to fix stomach bands 
    • Death 

    How is all of this happening? 

    Well, lots of people who get bariatric surgery have trouble absorbing food and nutrients. Their bodies are literally STARVING to death.  

    But there’s a much better way to get ALL the benefits of bariatric surgery PLUS SOME. It’ll cost you WAY LESS and it addresses the ROOT CAUSE of obesity and diabetes. 

    Where strict diets have failed you before, this way of eating can save your health and effortlessly shrink your waistline.

    It’s called the Paleo Diet (a.k.a. Caveman Diet). It ditches the refined foods and sugars responsible for insulin spikes and weight gain.

    It’s so effective, it trumps the Mediterranean Diet for weight loss and diabetes. 

    Studies say it checks the boxes to help reduce heart attacks and strokes, too. 

    In other words, Paleo does everything bariatric surgery says it will  without the risks or extravagant costs. 

    And it’s easy to follow.  

    All you do is eat anything a caveman would: fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. Your diet should primarily be focused on meat and vegetables. Consider fruit to be a treat you can use to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

    If you’re ever confused about what to buy, stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store for Paleo-approved foods. 

    The processed junk is usually in the middle aisles.  

  2. Simple vitamin SLASHES colon cancer risk 22%

    I’ve seen the look on my patients’ faces when I tell them they have colon cancer 

    They feel panic… they wonder what they’re going to tell their families… and they wonder if they’re going to die.  

    If you’ve never gone through the horror of being diagnosed with colon cancer, I want to keep it that way.  

    I don’t want you to have to explain anything to your family.  

    I don’t want you to wait for your doctor to give you an expiration date.  

    You CAN get ahead of it and slash your risk of colon cancer.  

    All you need is a vitamin that costs just pennies a day.  

    I’m talking about vitamin D.  

    But first I need you to forget everything… and I mean EVERYTHING… that the mainstream has told us about it.  

    You see, for years the National Academy of Medicine has claimed that you only need 600 IU of vitamin D each day or 800 IU if you’re over 70. 

    And lots of mainstream doctors have adopted that recommendation.  

    The only problem? It’s nonsense.  

    A new study from the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Harvard, and 20 other medical organizations revealed that these vitamin D recommendations are WAY too low.  

    The researchers found people with vitamin D levels between 75 ng/mol and 100 ng/mol can slash their risk of colon cancer by 22%.  

    But to do that, you should take about 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day.  

    That’s at least 5 TIMES what the mainstream has been recommending.  

    So you can bet most folks aren’t getting nearly enough.  

    Of course, it’s possible to get vitamin D from the sun and oily fish like salmon and sardines; but it’s much easier to adjust your D3 levels with a high-quality supplement.  

    And vitamin D3 is one of the least expensive supplements around.  

    In fact, it will only cost you a few cents each day to boost your health – and keep yourself safe from colon cancer.  

  3. This TERRIBLE, 60-year-old advice could KILL you

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