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  1. WEIRD bacteria secret REVERSES irritable bowel syndrome

    Antibiotics have been getting a bad rap for a while now, despite mainstream’s best efforts.

    They’ve been at the center of superbugs like MRSA that have caused hospitals to shut down… and virtually incurable illnesses.

    Meanwhile, evidence is stacking up that instead of using antibiotics to WIPE OUT our systems, bacteria can actually be one of our GREATEST ALLIES in fighting off disease.

    Today, I’ll let you in on the newest revelation—how bacteria might be the answer to irritable bowel disease (IBD)!

    How sewage made scientists rethink antibiotics

    Researchers are learning lessons from a case that occurred back in 2017...

    A man infected with a deadly bacteria called Acinetobacter baumannii was totally unresponsive to antibiotics. And he was dying.

    What ultimately saved his life sounds unconventional: bacteriophages (natural bacteria found in soil, water, and human waste) were harvested from sewage and delivered to him intravenously!

    The case, and ensuing studies, have led scientists to treat IBD via bacteriophages.

    Here’s how it works...

    The bacteriophages GOBBLE UP pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria in your gut. They’re part of a “clean-up crew” your immune system relies on.

    The new study makes clear the strong connection between your microbiome and IBD.

    But while it would be nice to take a bacteriophage and wipe out IBD, it’s just not that simple… or easy.

    That’s why I’m going to show you a simple solution that lets you capitalize on this new science...

    The link between IBD and your gut health

    You can drastically improve IBD by working on the root cause of it: the pathogenic bacteria that’s lining your gut.

    A multi-strain probiotic in the BILLIONS can start you on the right path to reversing IBD.

    But the most effective way to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria is humble fiber!

    Best of all, it’s simple to do… and incredibly cheap.

    Eating high fiber vegetables like broccoli and even sweet potato will provide your gut microbiome with the best defender possible.

    See, your gut bacteria is “a matter of two wolves”; the “bad” bacteria eat sugar, while the good feed on fiber.

    Whichever “wolf” you feed will propagate and win the battle!

    Getting plenty of fiber (to the tune of 25 grams per day) can turn the tides in your gut… starve bad bacteria out… and reverse IBD.

  2. IGNITE your immune system with this ancient Chinese herb

    Saying your body is complicated is a gross understatement.

    Scientists have been working for hundreds of years to unravel its secrets...

    And they just discovered something entirely new

    A total GAME CHANGER for your immune system!

    Today, we’ll learn about the naturally-occurring chemical that’s been REVEALED to turn your immune system into an infection-fighting MACHINE.

    Then, I’ll show you the best way you can get it working in your body...

    What your body needs to OBLITERATE viruses and cancer cells

    For more than a century, scientists have had no clue how your killer T-cells break through tumors’ defenses to defeat cancer.

    Cancer cells are notoriously difficult to kill because they hack your cells to make your body think they’re supposed to be there...

    And it turns out that T-cells have a SECRET BACKDOOR – a brain chemical called acetylcholine – that allows them through enemy lines.

    Now, in the brainacetylcholine works as a neurotransmitter. We already knew it:

    • Improves memory
    • Improves ability to learn
    • Stave off Alzheimer’s—or even REVERSE it

    But the groundbreaking study discovered that in the immune system, T-Cells can produce acetylcholine to fight infection anywhere in the body!

    This means if you can maintain healthy acetylecholine production, not only will your brain be protected—your WHOLE BODY will be an infection-fighting MACHINE.

    And there’s an ancient Chinese herb that’ll do just that...

    Incredible herb promotes memory and fights infections

    Chinese club moss has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for hundreds of years.

    It has everything to do with acetylcholine – and so unsurprisingly, it’s been proven to boost your memory and prevent depression.

    But now we see it will also benefit T-cells producing acetylcholine to help destroy viruses and cancer cells!

    Chinese club moss is able to do this because it contains a natural compound called huperzine A. This is what boosts your body’s acetylcholine levels to allow your T-cells to slip past the defense of cancer cells and viruses.

    You’ll often find huperzine A (or Chinese club moss) in brain-boosting supplements. To be effective, there should be at least 100 mcg of huperzine A in the supplement.

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