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  1. DITCH your statins -- this natural solution works JUST AS WELL

    If there’s one thing you SHOULDN’T do for your heart, it is taking statins.

    That’s right -- I’m talking about ditching the most commonly prescribed drug for high cholesterol!

    Now, I’m not telling you this to make waves, or for the sake of being contrary.

    I’m telling you because study after study – not to mention loads of hospital admission data – flies in the face of the LIES Big Pharma is selling you.

    And all the while, there’s something just as effective as statins – and it’s FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS.

    The “cure” is FAR WORSE than the “disease”

    Mainstream medicine and BIG PHARMA would have you believe statins are successful and nearly free of side effects.

    But they’re ignoring the truth.

    Statins are well-documented to do some SERIOUS DAMAGE, including:

    • Doubling your risk of Parkinson’s
    • Increasing your chances of becoming diabetic
    • Causing acute kidney failure

    That’s just to name a few.

    And a new study uncovered another HORRIFYING truth about statins…

    The longer you take them, the more likely you are to experience life-threatening side effects.

    In fact, the chances are so high, the study’s scientists say the RISK OUTWEIGHS the benefits of statins – especially if you’re over 70!

    Of course, Big Pharma’s lies should come as no surprise.

    You see, statins are on of their biggest MONEY MAKERS.

    In just 10 years, statin use has increased from 36 percent to 50 percent of people diagnosed with “high cholesterol” – a threshold that suspiciously keeps dropping over the years.

    But you don’t have to play Big Pharma’s game.

    Prevent heart attacks and strokes WITHOUT UNNECESSARY DANGER

    A new study has found a way to SLASH the risk of heart disease.

    It’s just as effective as statins, but poses ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you.

    The study followed women for 12 YEARS to assess their risk of cardiovascular events while eating a Mediterranean Diet.

    They found the closer the Mediterranean Diet was followed, the better the participants fared. In fact, researchers discovered it worked just as well as statins!

    You get all the benefits of statins with none of the risk – just by eating better.

    And in fact, you can take it a step further if you want to correct health problems naturally via your diet...

    The Mediterranean Diet is great, but I believe it includes far too many carbs in the form of legumes and whole grains.

    These simply do more harm than good.

    That’s why I whole-heartedly endorse the Paleo Diet. It’s a way of eating that harkens back to our ancestors.

    This focuses primarily on lean meats and healthy oils from nuts and seeds – including a staple of the Mediterranean Diet, extra virgin olive oil.

    And like the Mediterranean Diet, you’ll eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit!

  2. [Exposed] This trendy treatment could make your cancer WORSE! 

    Mainstream medicine is going hog wild over immunotherapy.  

    They’ll tell you it’s a NATURAL cancer treatment… one that that supposedly “turns on” your immune system to fight the disease.   

    It’s so hot, the scientists who discovered it recently won the Nobel Prize!  

    Yup, it’s the beginning of a new, gentler era of cancer treatments… 

    Not so fast. 

    There’s an UGLY secret about immunotherapy that cancer patients aren’t being told.  

    It may not cure your cancer at all… and it could make it WORSE than ever.  

    Rocket fuel for tumors 

    What the mainstream DOESN’T mention is that immunotherapy uses toxic drugs. Toxic drugs made by Big Pharma.  

    And in this case, a toxic drug that SPEEDS UP tumor growth by a shocking 50 percent! 

    That’s right. Immunotherapy can be like ROCKET FUEL for your tumors.  

    If you’re a regular reader of e-Tips, you’ve heard of this before. It’s called treatment-associated hyperprogressive disease (HPD), and it’s a brand-spanking-new side effect that only comes with immunotherapy.  

    Studies are showing that immunotherapy can backfire and actually speed up your cancer growth.  

    Now, how does a “natural” treatment make cancer worse?  

    It doesn’t. Only destructive, toxic treatments work that way.  

    Let’s face it, your body has the ability to kill cancer cells on its own. That’s why many people never develop cancer.  

    But if you do get a cancer diagnosis, you CAN harness your body’s immune system to kill cancer cells. And you CAN do it naturally. 

    I’m talking about intravenous vitamin C (IVC).  

    IVC gives you 300 to 400 times more vitamin C than oral intake. And these high doses of vitamin C go right into your bloodstream to work like immune-boosting, cancer-seeking smart bombs 

    That’s because, in high doses, vitamin C breaks down into hydrogen peroxide.  

    Hydrogen peroxide is toxic to cancer cells; it kills them while leaving your normal cells alone. And there’s ZERO chance of IVC making your tumors grow.  

    IVC is scientifically proven. Many studies out of the National Institutes of Health have shown the IVC works successfully to treat cancer. There are even IVC protocols for doctors.  

    I’ve been using IVC in my clinic for ages… and it’s produced more success stories than I can count.  

    If you’re fighting cancer, you deserve to know your options. Make sure you talk to a local integrative physician who can educate you about IVC.

  3. DOUSE your heartburn with this natural “candy”

    It’s that time of year again!  You know, when it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to avoid overeating.  There’s turkey and all the fixings at Thanksgiving… Christmas hams and cookies … and all of those holiday dinner parties with friends.   And before long, you start to “feeling the flames”... and I’m not talking about the Yule Log.   Nope, it’s that heartburn fire in your stomach – and it can burn all the way up into your throat.   Luckily, there’s a natural “candy”...
  4. [SCAM WATCH] What you need to know about the flu shot

    The feds are doing their best to scare the heck out of you.  According to the latest headlines, if you’re not rushing out to get a flu shot now, you’re a goner.  But here’s what they’re NOT telling you…   More people than EVER are getting flu shots… and last year was still one of the DEADLIEST flu seasons in 40 years.   How could this happen?  It’s all...
  5. Live 7 EXTRA years with this “secret” nutrient

    Imagine finding a fountain of youth...  You dive into its magical waters and climb out young again, free of worries about cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other age-related diseases.   Imagine getting back your old “get-up-and-go” back.   You could finally go on your dream vacation, start on long-waiting projects around the house – even get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren.  Well, it turns out that this ISN’T just a daydream!   You can SLOW DOWN, and even REVERSE, the effects of aging on your...
  6. Do you have “SECRET diabetes?” (Here’s how to tell)

    I don’t need to tell you that we have a diabetes EPIDEMIC in America right now.   But here’s the truth… we don’t even KNOW how bad the problem’s become.   There are AT LEAST 7 million people living with diabetes right now who have NEVER been diagnosed.   And YOU could be one of them.   They call diabetes a “silent” disease -- because the early symptoms are easy to miss.  ...
  7. These all-natural secrets make stress DISAPPEAR

    Money is tight… there’s a leak in the roof… and your niece is marrying that guy you hate.   You know, the one who’s never had a REAL job in his life.   These were supposed to be your “golden years” – but it feels like there’s stress EVERYWHERE.   But you don’t have to put up with it.   I can’t do anything about...
  8. 7 EASY tricks for sleeping like a BABY! 

    You have NO trouble falling asleep… but STAYING asleep is a whole different matter.   It’s 3 a.m. and you’ve been staring at the ceiling, staring at the clock, and counting sheep for hours.   But sleep just WON’T come.   Well, you’re not alone. This problem is called middle-of-the-night insomnia (MOTN), and at least one-third of adults experience it from time to time.  ...
  9. Is it a cold… or something MUCH worse? (Here’s how to tell)

    It’s that time of year again...  Cold and flu season.   You’re sniffling… your head is throbbing… and you feel MISERABLE.   It can be tough to tell the difference between a cold and a flu – the symptoms can be similar.   And that’s a BIG problem.   Because the flu can be dangerous and even life-threatening – especially if you’re older or have...
  10. [Breakthrough] Ancient herb STOPS aging in its tracks!

    I don’t mind getting older… but I sure hate FEELING old.   And I bet you’re in the same boat.   But that aching back… those creaky knees… and those “senior moments” where you can’t remember names can sure make you feel your age.   Talk to most doctors, and they’ll just tell you to deal with it… that these problems are all part of getting...