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  1. REGAIN the heart health of a 25-year old (and RECLAIM your YOUTH!)

    If you've been searching for the Fountain of Youth…this isn't it.

    But it may as well be.

    You see, there's a secret that'll have your blood pressure as healthy as it was at age 2... and it doesn't take months to start working

    The effects start in just TWO HOURS -- probably less time than you spend going to and from the grocery store.

    Just think about it…

    Going back in time to when you weren't concerned bout your health, much less your heart.

    …A time when you got your blood pressure checked and the nurse merely nodded and smiled.

    I’ll be the FIRST to admit it sounds too good to be true.

    And that’s exactly why I’m going to show you the PROOF it works right here…

    Swiss scientists just changed your heart health... forever

    Your age won’t matter much for this to work. You could be 55, you could be 80

    That's part of what’s so special about this secret that researchers in Switzerland uncovered.

    They figured out how you could get your blood pressure perfect levels…well into your golden years…

    But that's not even all it does…

    In a clinical trial, participants were able to :

    • Improve their LDL cholesterol by 11 percent
    • Improve oxidized cholestero (cholesterol that’s been aged by free radicals) by 26 percent

    All this, and it was far simpler than anyone could have ever imagined.

    See, you have a blood flow managing system that governs your blood pressure. But when Endothelin-1 gets out of balance—which happens naturally as you age—your blood vessels get narrow.

    And as you can imagine, narrow blood vessels can affect your blood pressure.

    Now, this would hardly be a discovery if there wasn't some way to get Endothelin-1 where you need it. The KEY, as I mentioned, is getting this important blood flow chemical back in balance

    To do that, a group of researchers in London were able to distill down and super-concentrate a particular nutrient that is able to directly affect Endothelin-1.

    And when they put it to the test, the results were more promising than they ever imagined…

    Not only that—it seemed like it would work on anybody.

    These scientists tested it on average people—people who don't exercise every day... who don't look like they belong on a magazine cover. People who didn’t make any changes to their normal diet and exercise routine.

    When researchers gave half of participants their concentrated ingredient, well…the “proof was in the pudding” as they say:

    • Their triglycerides, an important indicator of your heart health, improved by 13 percent...
    • LDL-C (commonly thought of as "bad" cholesterol), improved by 11 percent...
    •   Oxidized cholesterol—the kind that gets aged by damaging free radicals—improved by 26 percent.

    That's not even all!

    When taken in a liquid form and combined with something called glucomannan, this helped women effortlessly DROP POUNDS from their waist.

    So what is this miraculous ingredient??

    It all comes down to a tiny berry—the Aronia berry.

    Now, like I mentioned, this is the super-concentrated version of Aronia. It's called Aronox and you can't just find it anywhere.

    Even more remarkably, when men in one study took the extract, its POWERFUL effects happened starting in just TWO QUICK HOURS

    So it was obvious to me that I needed to include Aronox in my new formula, Vasinox. While Aronox could do WONDERS for your heart health on its own, I feel I'd be doing you a great disservice if I only addressed one area of your heart health…

    This SECRET is locked in 1/4 pound of celery

    There was once a man whose doctor told him reducing his salt intake would be more than enough to turn his blood pressure around.

    But the man had a theory: he decided to eat a 1/4 pound of celery every day for one week to see if that would help.

    When his numbers improved to 118/92 it was abundantly clear who was right. Only, the old man didn't know exactly WHY.

    But his son, a nutritional scientist, DID. You see, he found an extract from celery called 3nB. Turns out, the extract was all the difference!

    3nB works by helping to shut off the signal from calcium that says to narrow your arteries. Results from in vitro and animal studies showed 3nB   does wonders to WIDEN your ARTERIES for easier blood flow.

    Not only that, it also helps open up your energy stores and can even reduce joint pain.

    So again, I was left with a complete no-brainer to add to Vasinox.

    The dynamic duo for heart health

    3nB and Aronox would be enough to make anyone’s heart feel younger.

    But my years of medical practice let me know I also needed to address one of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS we have right now that’s causing for folks:

    Almost EVERYONE in the United States is woefully deficient in vitamins K2 and D3.

    These two vitamins are little powerhouses that can help keep your arteries flexible as you age

    See, vitamin K2 acts like an usher for calcium.

    It tells calcium it can't sit in your arteries... that it has a much better spot for it to sit: your bones.

    Despite K2's best efforts though, calcium sometimes doesn't want to stay in your bones.

    And that’s where vitamin D3 comes in…

    It increases calcium's absorption into the bone to help make them strong and healthy all through your golden years.

    To recap, my formulation Vasinox is packed with Aronox, 3nB (celery extract), and vitamins K2 and D3.

    Together, they combine to help you get back the heart health you had when you were 25 years old.

    But it's not like you can directly see how strong your heart health is. You can't see your improved numbers without a blood test or going to a pharmacy and using a blood pressure cuff.

    You absolutely would feel a jolt of energy. But I wanted to be certain beyond all reasonable doubt you'd feel like your 25-year-old self again.

    And for THAT, I’ve added one, final ingredient…

    Reclaim your energy

    You've experienced the energy drain first-hand.

    You see it every day of your life when people walk by you.

    You feel slow and sluggish.

    A large reason of that is because your energy stores could be running on fumes.

    See, when you were younger, your tanks were full of ATP—the energy your cells use to keep you moving, your brain firing, and your heart pumping.

    But at around age 21, your CoQ10 levels start to drop off... and it takes your ATP energy right along with it.

    So to round out my “time-reversing” heart health formula Vasonix, I knew I had to add it      


    • Aronox to help balance your Endothelin-1 for perfect blood pressure...
    • 3nB extract to help expand your arteries for complete cardiovascular health...
    • Vitamins K2 and D3 to help move calcium from your arteries and put it into your bones where it belongs...
    • ... and CoQ10 to help energize your heart health -- and your entire body...

    Once you start taking Vasionox daily, you won't have to imagine what your heart health was like at 25.

    You'll KNOW it.

    You'll find you have the energy to do more of your favorite activities.

    Hunting... fishing... biking... gardening... swimming...

    You'll have BOUNDLESS ENERGY to experience everything you've been wanting to do and more  -- whether that's hanging out with your friends or grandkids.

    And there's one thing I haven't mentioned yet…

    One thing that's going to help you keep moving forward.

    You don't have to sacrifice your favorite foods.  Bacon... cheeseburgers... fried chicken...

    Vasinox will help PROTECT your heart health while you're sitting down, digesting a meal you thought you'd never be able to have again!

    Limited offer just for you

    Since you're loyal readers of my Health E-tips, you're the very first to hear about this. No one else even knows about this revolutionary formula outside of a handful of people -- until TODAY.

    Now, I know. It seems like a lot. A HUGE promise to help turn your heart health back to age 25.

    It sounds too good to be true, right?

    All the talk about renewed energy... perfect blood pressure... triglycerides and bad cholesterol at perfect levels... it seems like it'd be hard to live up to.

    But you don't have to take my word for it.

    You can try Vasinox today, completely risk-free.

    And when I say "risk-free," I mean it. Order today, try it and decide how you feel. There's no 30-day limit. Whether you want to return it the second it hits your door step to a year later, it doesn't matter.

    In fact, it doesn't matter if it's a full bottle of Vasinox or just one pill left. I will refund you every…single…cent!

    I'm extending this offer because I know you won't WANT to return it.

    But you might wish you had another bottle on standby.

    Trust me—you'll be convinced starting in two hours that you'll never want to stop taking it.

    Order NOW and change your life FOREVER.

    To your health,

    Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

    P.S. Don’t forget to order TODAY so you can start to help REGAIN the heart health you had in your 20s immediately!

  2. Have allergies? It might NOT be the air...

    Pick your poison: Pollen, dust, pet dander, mold.

    They're all reasons you could be suffering from a headache, sneezing, or a runny nose or eyes.

    Sure, you might be doing your best to avoid them…like staying inside when the allergen counts are high.

    But there might be a HIDDEN reason behind your sniffles

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the air you breathe.

    In fact, it’s something you’re doing to yourself!

    The “secret” allergen

    Researchers recently analyzed the health insurance data of more than eight million people in Austria—and they found an odd link.

    They discovered people on PPI (proton-pump inhibitors) and H2 blockers are buying anti-allergy medications like they're going out of style.

    These antacid drugs are actually causing folks to develop allergies!

    See, there's a delicate balance between your gut and your immune system.

    And PPIs and H2 blockers OBLITERATE your stomach acid, possibly allowing food to pass through your gut walls.

    Leaky gut syndrome makes your immune system prioritize attacking your food…leaving your respiratory system completely open for attack.

    Even worse, if you're on these medications—you're not even treating the real problem!

    Ditch heartburn—the RIGHT way

    There are a number of reasons you might think you need an antacid; the top, by far, is heart burn.

    There's a belief that too much stomach acid causes heart burn. Hence, you take an antacid.

    But that's NOT the best approach.

    First, you need to have a gastric analysis done. This will tell you whether you have too much acid or too little…

    • If you have too much acid, a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in it can put out the fires naturally and without side effects. If you don't want to have to lug around baking soda wherever you go, Chios mastic gum can take care of the problem.
    • If the analysis says you don't have enough acid, try supplementing with betaine HCl (hydrocholoride). It aids digestion by promoting the production of additional hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Just be sure to include an enzyme called pepsin. Most digestive supplements typically contain these two together.

    It’s possible that when you get your acid reflux and heart burn figured out, you'll also ditch your allergies. That's a true two-for-one!

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