Biolique FX

Biolique FX is designed to support hair growth in women. The nutrients promote root nourishment and regrowth. 

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I am so pleased with Biolique FX. I can tell the difference in my hair!  It looks fuller and it has a lot of body. My hair dresser was very surprised with the results.

-Mary P., Boston, MA*


I love the product. I've been giving them away. I'm very happy with it. It does make your hair and nails grow, hair on your legs and everything. It actually works very well. It's just I'm not faithful to taking them and I'm so, it's like my sister in law had hair issues too, so I gave it to her and she liked it. I think she's ordering it now too. And because the product does work, as advertised, fast too. You see the difference in just a matter of a few weeks.

-Joanne M.  Topeka, KS*


I would say it's working great on me. And I have a twin sister and she's taking it. She stopped taking it and she's losing her hair again and mine is at least twice as thick or maybe three times as thick. So she's going back on it before she keeps losing hair! 

-Jessica K.  Charleston, SC*


My hair feels thicker since I started taking Biolique FX.  I first noticed a difference in about week.  I noticed a few new hairs in my part.  My hair is not falling out as much as it was. It feels thicker. My hair was falling out when I brushed it. It was dry and thin. Now it feels much thicker and stronger.  I feel less worried about my thin hair and widening part

-Gertrude D., Harrisburg, PA*


I have some good news about our experience with your Biolique FX.  My wife was losing a lot of hair. Last year in late November, I started her on your Biolique FX.  Lately I have noticed that she doesn't seem to be losing much hair, and that the new growth of hair seems to be more black instead of light grey.  A miracle.  On January 1'st I started on the Biolique FX.  Maybe something is finally working out!

-Walter R., Tempe, AZ*


My hair grows faster with Biolique FX! I have to get my hair cut sooner because it grows longer faster.

-Jessica H., Ottawa, WI*


I started taking Biolique FX three weeks ago.  I have noticed less hair falling out!

-Allison E. Houston, TX*


Biolique FX really works!  I first noticed a difference in the mirror after taking it about 7 to 10 days.  My hair looks and feels thicker and stronger.  I was getting a silver dollar sized wad of hair from the shower drain each time I washed my hair.  Now, the wad is about the size of a nickel or smaller. I’ve already recommended to friends and family!

-Monica P.  Nashville, TN*



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