Argi-Vive III

Get back your sexual desire and give your wife exactly what she wants, with ArgiVive III. Even if it's been years, you can regain your sexual prime by taking ArgiVive III—NorthStar Nutritionals' top men's sexual health drink. With every dose, you can get...

  • Strong, hard, frequent erections—naturally...
  • Surging desire and stamina for mind-blowing sex...

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Dear Friend,

A pink secret to the steamiest bedroom sessions you've had in years?

Doesn't sound very manly...I know.

But your wife won't be questioning your masculinity after you're supercharged with this bold sexual breakthrough.

You see, this little pink secret is easy, lightning-fast and three ways more POWERFUL than many other performance boosters you may have tried.

That's the best part — the little pink secret is so strong, it supports your sex life any time you need it. In fact, this isn't a pill at all. Imagine...

  • A STRONG, firm erection—right when you're ready
  • SURGING physical stamina and desire for anytime, anywhere sex
  • Rock-Solid results right away

Frankly, with the energy and raw sexual power this exciting secret helps deliver — you should make sure your wife is ready, too. (In fact, we thought about requiring a note from her before we shipped it—just to make darn sure she knows what she’s in for!)

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Now, there's a fast and easy way to help keep you in control of your sex life.

A natural secret that gives your body what it needs — so you can be ready between the sheets whenever you want to!

It's called Argi-Vive III, and its Triple Action formula just might be the most comprehensive men's sexual health fuel ever. And there are no pills to swallow because Argi-Vive III's Triple Action formula comes in a powerful drink mix.

Argi-Vive III's effervescent delivery system is truly progressive. It dissolves in water before it even gets into your body. And it goes to work right you can be ready for a little action whenever the mood strikes you. In fact, I bet...

You won't find a more complete way to maintain
thick erections and all-night energy...

Because this fast-acting delivery system isn't the only thing that makes Argi-Vive III such an advanced sex-fueling supplement. The real genius behind this stuff is its three-pronged approach to super-charging your sex life. We like to call it "Triple Action"...let me explain.

Age has very little to do with sex...

That's right. There are men out there, some of them more than 10 years older than you, having the best sex of their lives. And those men have three key things in common that their sex-starved friends don't:

1. Strong, hard, frequent erections—naturally...
2. Surging desire and stamina for mind-blowing sex...
3. Strong reproductive health...

Lucky? You bet.

But now you've got the key
to unlock the beast within...

"Triple Action" for great sex whether you're 60 or 90!

There are literally dozens of nutrients and botanicals that can help support throbbing erections, crank up your sexual desire and maintain your vitality. Some are recent discoveries, while others have been used for centuries.

So we took a select group of the herbs, nutrients and a special amino acid so we could offer the most comprehensive support for your sex life to date. They actually work in concert with one another to promote all three keys to an amazingly satisfying sex life...

  • Strong, frequent, rock-hard erections
  • Surging masculine desire and stamina
  • Helps support a healthy reproductive system!

That's the secret behind Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action."

And then we did something that's never been done before...

We put this "Triple Action" breakthrough into one powerful formula...Argi-Vive III. It hits all three tiers of support you need.

For hot, spontaneous sex that makes your golden years really golden!

This stuff actually helps get the wheels of your body's natural arousal process in motion for amazing sex any time. It works naturally, with your body. Starting with the very first delicious, effervescent serving, you may notice a difference in the bedroom...and, believe me, if you can feel the difference so will your wife!

1. Strong, hard, frequent erections naturally

Imagine your wife's pleasant surprise when you're ready to go Friday night and Saturday morning. It's happening for men just like you because of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula. And here's the reason...

We fortified the first tier of "Triple Action" with the precursor to your body's own natural "sex messenger." You see, when things start to heat up, your body kicks off a series of complex chemical and physiological processes. The endothelial cells in your penis then release a "sex messenger" saying: "Get ready, it's time."

This "sex messenger" is Nitric Oxide. It opens up the blood vessels in your penis and allows for the rush of blood you need to achieve rock-hard erections. But as you get older, your cells can weaken and your body may not pump out as much nitric oxide as you need to help pump up your member. But Argi-Vive III helps promote healthy nitric oxide levels so you can keep performing like a man should!

You'll have your wife saying "Why, you little devil!"

Your secret? The first tier of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula — the amino acid naturally converted into nitric oxide in your body— L-Arginine. You've probably heard of it before. And you may have seen it in other sexual enhancement formulas too. But believe me, it would be hard to find another supplement that delivers as much erection-fueling power (ours has  3,000 mg!) as effectively as Argi-Vive III...

Some of those garden-variety supplements rely on L-arginine alone, to help fuel strong erections. But Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula combines L-arginine with an important botanical from our exclusive proprietary blend shown to help enhance your sexual's called panax ginseng.

Long held in high regard as an aphrodisiac in traditional Eastern medicine,high doses of Mature panax ginseng roots have been used to help promote hard, long lasting erections.

And firm, thick erections are the key to being ready for sex whenever you want to be. And L-arginine and panax ginseng — the first tier of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula — are an easy way to promote the fantasy sex life you've always craved...with a cutting-edge delivery system that you won't find anywhere!

Already Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula out-ranks those inconvenient supplement pills...but we're just getting started because there are still two tiers of action to go! Soon you'll see why this "Triple Action" breakthrough can promote the hot, invigorating sex you're looking for...

2. Surging desire and stamina for mind-blowing sex

Some supplements are only designed to address "your equipment." But a strong erection is nothing without the stamina and the surging sexual desire to back it up. And that's where the second tier of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula comes in...

It makes heating things up in the bedroom a whole lot easier. It's the second tier of action that does the trick by naturally supporting strong sexual desire and surging sexual energy.

The stuff legendary lovers are made of...

Every culture around the world has its "sex secrets." Herbal extracts, botanical blends, even vegetable roots that men have used to promote sexual desire, physical stamina and satisfaction for thousands of years. Some turned out to be little more than old wives tales. But others have been passed down through generations for good reason.

So we gathered together 7 of the steamiest "sex secrets" to help boost libido and desire. Then we combined them into the second tier of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula. Just one look at this 300mg  proprietary blend of botanicals and you'll see why we guarantee Argi-Vive III can ignite your sexual desire and help maintain raging stamina for the best sex of your life...

Pernambuco's "desire drink" — For generations, indigenous Brazilian tribes drank an infusion, made from the peeled bark of the flowered catuaba tree, to spark their sexual desires. And as catuaba bark recipes continue to grow in popularity, the people of Brazil continue to reap its benefits.

Herbalists' legendary arousal secret — Horny goat weed. The name really says it all. There's a story about a Chinese  goat herder, who spread the word about horny goat weed, when he noticed that his flock would "have relations" after eating the plant. But more importantly, it is still highly valued by Asian herbalists for boosting a man's life force or chi and super-charging his sexual appetite.

An herb proving more valuable to men than gold — Grown in the Peruvian Andes, maca has a history of fueling sexual desire that goes back almost 2,000 years! In fact,legend has it, Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro loaded one of his ships with 900 tons of maca after conquering the Incas in 1532.

The sustaining power of "the essence of man" — Used by men to support long-lasting erections and sexual pleasure for the last 2,000 years, panax ginseng is a legendary aphrodisiac if ever there was one. Not only do high doses  help support strong erections, it could  also help promote a healthy libido. No wonder the Chinese translation for Ginseng means the essence of man.

A tropical tonic for sexual prowess undefined in Guyana and the Amazon, a small tree called muira puama holds the locals' secret to igniting sexual desire. People living along the Amazon's Rio Negro river have long used the tree's bark and flowers to enhance sexual prowess.

Go to the "heart" of sexual pleasure — Used for more than 3,000 years. One of its traditional uses is to increase sexual pleasuer, but science is just starting to understand how ashwagandha works. Its root has been traditionally used to support strong sexual desire and unparalleled stamina. No wonder in Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha root is used regularly, even today, to help support  physical stamina for better sex.

One of China's most alluring aphrodisiacs — Although a tasteless and odorless plant, gotu kola's leaves seem to work like magic as it's historically been used to power   sexual appetite.

But let me get something straight...

Argi-Vive III is much more than just a temporary boost for your sexual desire and drive. Unlike some supplements, this breakthrough "Triple Action" formula is comprehensive support for every day sexual health and masculine well-being.

3. Helping support strong reproductive health

There's more to maintaining a great sex life than strong erections and unstoppable stamina. Remember, men who are having great sex into their 80s, and beyond, can actually have strong reproductive health, too. After all, it's one of the things that makes us men!

And that's why Argi-Vive III is truly the next generation in men's sexual health...

Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula provides your reproductive system with exactly what it needs to stay healthy...good ol' fashioned vitamins. Because, just like vitamins are essential to the rest of your body, they're essential to a good sex life too.

Vitamin B-12 can help support long-lasting vitality.

And preliminary research suggests vitamin B-12 may also support a healthy sperm count too (though more research is still needed). With this kind of nutritional support, you can be ready to go whenever the mood strikes you.

Best of all, there are no pills to take...

It's simply never been easier to maintain rock-hard erections, a strong libido and the stamina you're looking for, naturally. You see, Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula relies on a cutting-edge effervescent delivery system. There are nocapsules or tablets. Instead, this incredible "sex fuel" is locked inside a beverage with a tasty, natural berry flavor. And its power is unleashed fast.

Already men who've tried it are raving about the ease. Simply open a convenient single-serving packet, empty the powdered "Triple Action" formula into a glass of water, then let the effervescence go to work. It's so discreet, you can take it any place — even a crowded restaurant.

Just one drink and you'll feel the difference

Want to remind your wife what great sex is really all about? Then give Argi-Vive III a try today. You'll join men from across the country, young and old, who are tearing their lovers to shreds and leaving them gasping for more.

They're having mind-blowing sex as often as the want—naturally.

“Argi-Vive really works! And it hasn’t just impressed me… my wife loves it as well!”

-James Singleton, Bethesda, MD

“I highly recommend that others try Argi-Vive. At age 62, I have the stamina I had in my 20s. I’ve alsonoticed more intense and longer lasting orgasms. Plus, it’s been great for my wife!”

-Dick Olmstead, Santee, CA

So many others are telling us that they've never experienced anything like the power of Argi-Vive III's "Triple Action" formula. And quite frankly, I'm not surprised...

Three tiers of support in ONE formula...
so you're ready when she is.

"Triple Action" just might be the most comprehensive and convenient way to turn your sex life into a hurricane of passion and spontaneity. Each tier of support works together for powerful results your wife will thank you for.

In fact, each packet of Argi-Vive III has the equivalent power to literally handfuls of supplements...

With 3,000 mg of L-Arginine backed up by panax ginseng, the first tier promotes rock-solid, lasting erections...

With 7 of the most powerful aphrodisiacs used by men the world over, the second tier fuels surging sexual desire, and helps you maintain exciting stamina.

With vitamin B-12, the third tier helps nourish your reproductive system, helping support male virility...

Finally there is support for all of the things you need to get between the sheets, scare the dog and wake the neighbors — all in just one easy-to-use formula.

  • Hard, recurring erections
  • Surging desire and stamina
  • Helps support strong reproductive function

And with Argi-Vive III's revolutionary effervescent delivery system...

This stuff could go to work for you like
nothing you've ever used before...

This is a breakthroughway to support natural, spontaneous sex. And effervescent delivery offers something else...

Another big bedroom bonus

The critical male amino acid L-arginine is water-soluble. One little packet of Argi-Vive III in an 6 oz. glass of water is all you need. And with its smooth berry flavor, it's less like a health supplement and more like a tasty treat!

And let me tell you a little secret...

Although one packet of Argi-Vive III every day is enough to support your erections, desire and sexual gets better. Drinking a second packet, when you start feeling the urge for an all-night session, can rocket launch your sex drive to even greater heights! And you've got nothing to lose by giving it try...

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And Argi-Vive III couldn't be healthier...

You can drink it every single day. In fact, I don't hesitate to recommend Argi-Vive III to men of any age. The "Triple Action" formula contains only the vitamins, amino acids, and herbs designed to work with your body's natural arousal process — not overpower it.

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To a more fulfilling sex life,

Kevin Scott
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NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. Having great sex can be as easy as enjoying a glass of Argi-Vive IIIevery morning. The "Triple Action" breakthrough provides the rawmaterials your body needs to support naturally hard erections, strong staminaand surging sexual desire. And Argi-Vive III offers all three levels of sexualsupport. So don't wait another minute.

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"I highly recommend that others try Argi-Vive. At age 62, I have the stamina I had in my 20s. I’ve also noticed more intense and longer lasting orgasms. Plus, it’s been great for my wife!"

—Dick Olmstead, Santee, CA*


"My performance during sex has definitely improved. Argi-Vive goes above and beyond the other sexual solutions I’ve tried."

—Jay Reimer, Garland, TX*


"Argi-Vive really works! And it hasn’t just impressed me… my wife loves it as well!"

—James Singleton, Bethesda, MD*


*Individual results may vary.