Argi-Vive III

Argi-Vive III is designed to support sexual health. The nutrients inside promote healthy erections, desire, and stamina. 

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"Argi-Vive really means business! It does what it says about experiencing stronger erections and increased libido and stamina. It is the male power enhancer. I could perform night after night if I wanted! I noticed a difference in my sexual performance 8 to 10 days after starting it. My health has improved a great deal since taking Argi-Vive III because it certainly made my performance better and my life happier. Also, my prostate doesn't give me any more reasons to complain. Since taking Argi-Vive III, I feel the urge to go out and meet with friends, do the gardening, or travel to the country-side. I feel full with more energy to do things. Being alive is a real surprise and Argi-Vive III has succeeded in making my living in this life more pleasant."
–Pete K., Marathon, FL* Age 74


"Argi-Vive III makes me feel POTENT, YOUNG, and VIRILE again! I felt immediate improvements in my sex drive and performance-- within the hour**. I’ve experienced an increased libido and stamina since I started taking and definitely stronger erections. I’m able to perform multiple nights in a row! My day-to-day life has improved since I started taking it. I take it first thing it the morning and it helps me get going. My T levels dropped over time after I turned 50, and I needed something to help. My blood pressure also stays healthy. Its tasty too!"
–Tony P., Naples, FL* Age 56


"Argi-Vive III is very, very good. I noticed an improvement in my sex drive and performance the first week**! I had gone months without sex before Argi-Vive III. I now have noticeably stronger erections, increased libido and stamina since I started taking it- In a good way. I can perform multiple nights in a row! I take many nutritional supplements but Argi-Vive III made my erections long and hard."
–Mark M., Sterling, VA* Age 69


"Argi-Vive III is very effective. I was skeptical of the claims for sure but now after only 3 weeks** I am a believer. My wife says I have become a monster and then she begs for more. My sex drive is off the charts and she now says you have worn me out and I can't take much more!! All of this at 61 years old, all I can say for both of us is thank you!"
–Timothy H., Little Rock, AR*


"Argi-Vive III is great! It stimulates and helps me maintain an erection. I experienced a boost in my sex drive when I started taking it. Argi-Vive III makes me last much longer. My sex life is much more satisfying now!"
–Alan R., Fort Worth, TX*


"Argi-Vive III works! I’m getting that loving feeling again since I started taking it. My hard ons are lasting longer."
–Eric M., St. Paul, MN*


"Argi-Vive III is by far the best product. Nothing comes close to Argi-Vive III, and I’ve tried many. I’ve been taking it for years. Some products give me a whole lot of pleasure, but not very much stamina. Other products give me a numbing sensation and I could go on forever, but there's no pleasure sensations. Argi-Vive III provides the perfect blend of stamina, endurance, pleasure and intensity. Thank you!"
–Robert P., Grants, NM*


"Argi-Vive III really works. I have been using this product for at least a decade; I am now 71 years of age and still going strong. About ten years ago sexual performance had become less satisfying. After starting with this product at that time there was an immediate* restoration and my potency continues to this day. Overall, I have more energy, a feeling of wellbeing and no more disappointing sexual performances and embarrassing let-downs."
–Gary A., Charlotte, NC*


"I highly recommend that others try Argi-Vive. At age 62, I have the stamina I had in my 20s. I’ve also noticed more intense and longer lasting orgasms. Plus, it’s been great for my wife!"
–Dick Olmstead, Santee, CA*


"My performance during sex has definitely improved. Argi-Vive goes above and beyond the other sexual solutions I’ve tried."
–Jay Reimer, Garland, TX*


"Argi-Vive really works! And it hasn’t just impressed me… my wife loves it as well!"
–James Singleton, Bethesda, MD*


*Individual results may vary.

**Results not typical. Argi-Vive III is designed to support a healthy sex life.

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You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15–30°C (59–85°F).

Do not use if seal is broken.

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